Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pinterest Projects

Since I am home this week and we aren't leaving for vacation until tomorrow, I have been trying to keep Emma and Josh entertained. And what better way to do so but to do projects I found on Pinterest!

 1.The first project we did was the Ivory Soap in the microwave.   This was my least favorite because of the mess.  It took me a good 30 minutes to clean up the microwave and table after it was over.  Plus, the kids got bored of it pretty quickly.

Watching the soap in the microwave

"Oh look. Its, um, snow like?"

Emma playing

Josh sprinkling the soap
2. The second project we did was make sun catchers out of beads.  The kids loved this and the end product is super cute.  I bought beads from the dollar store along with muffin tins, so I didn't have to use my good ones, and we all enjoyed watching the beads melt into pretty designs.
Putting in the beads

The tins with beads

Of course we had to turn the beads into a game while we waited for the beads to melt

The finished product

Here they are! I need to get suction cups to hang them on the windows
3. The final thing we did was make volcanoes using vinegar, food coloring and baking soda.  Notice we aren't wearing clothes anymore? (Well I was, they weren't...) Why wear clothes while you are doing projects?  They enjoyed this one and I was able to add vinegar and more baking soda a few more times to keep the fun going.

Before the baking soda...

After they added baking soda

Watching them erupt!

Then playing with the volcano

Emma playing with the volcano, too

Has anyone else done any fun Pinterest projects lately?


Kismet21 said...

Super fun! We have been doing a lot of simple chemical reactions lately. Basically take stuff from around the house and let Sophie add baking soda to it to see if it reacts. Then she just plays with the liquid. Simple enough. Entertaining for a while. Kind of sciency..