Monday, August 5, 2013

Memphis Kiddie Park

We have a place by us called "Memphis Kiddie Park" Its been around for over 60 years and they have rides geared towards younger kids. We thought Emma and Josh were at a good age to try it out and we were right! Emma went on 5 rides (Josh didn't want to go on the boats- he said they were too slow for him) and they both agreed that their favorite ride was the Ferris wheel. They also showed no apprehension before they went on the roller coaster, even though I was nervous for them. We had a fun time and look forward to going back soon!

Emma by the duck that measures your height

Dan and Josh, buying our tickets

Checking out the rides

First ride, a little nervous

On the flying airplanes

Emma kept telling me "my plane is pink!"

Emma on the boat

Josh and Dan, watching on the boat

They are just so cute together

me talking to them about the Ferris Wheel

Up in the Ferris Wheel

They liked being up high

Waiting in line for the roller coaster

On the coaster

Up the hill

Laughing on the coaster

Riding the cars