Saturday, September 28, 2013

Princess Tea Party

I took Emma to a Princess Tea Party last night and she had a good time.  She got a snack, made a necklace and a tiara and got to listen to a couple princess stories.  She even let me dance with her a little!

Before the party

me and Emma

She wanted to roll around in her dress...

Lined up with all of the girls

Walking in on the red carpet

Enjoying her snack

She kept saying "its applejuice tea, mom!"

Making a necklace

My little princess

She looks so big!

All the princesses

Harvest Fest

Our city had their Harvest Fest last weekend and we stopped by. We didn't stay long because the kids were cold and not really into it but I did get a few pictures to share.
Of course Josh had to see the tractors!

This is the face Emma had on most of the time we were there
Me and the kids

They did like this hay decoration

and the maze!

Running through

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Emma and Josh ask us to go hiking all the time. We finally took them again and they had a great time. Emma kept wanting to go ahead of us and at one point said "I wish my family wasn't so slow!" when we weren't keeping up with her. She is such a character!
Josh on a big rock

Whipps Ledges

Tall trees

Coming down some rocks

Me and the kids

Climbing up

Josh found some bug (of course!)

Josh in a tree

And Emma

Josh pretending to pull down a tree

Of course Emma had to do it, too

Two peas in a pod

Notice how Emma is in the front

Friday, September 6, 2013


I can't believe I am writing this but Emma and Josh started preschool this past week. Its so hard to believe, wasn't I just pregnant? Weren't they just drinking bottles and wearing diapers?

So even though I was in denial for the week leading up to it, we made it through the first week.  And the good part? They love it. They walked right into the room after giving Dan and me a hug and didn't look back. Of course, I cried in the hallway just thinking that my two precious children are now old enough to have someone else teaching them 3 days a week. They have already come home singing new songs and telling me about what they have learned, its so precious.

Couldn't get them to both look!

But of course they have no problem goofing around


Look how big he is!

Silly Emma

Such a pretty girl!

Outside their school

In the hallway, waiting to go in

Their little backpacks, hung on their hooks

We quickly took one picture in the class

Best picture of the day, I love these kids!

Olivia's First Birthday

We celebrated Olivia's birthday last weekend, its hard to believe she is 1!  She was such a good girl and everyone loved watching her open her gifts and eat her cupcake.


Some decorations

With GiGi

Smiley girl

The group

Olivia with my sister

Emma and Josh

Olivia with my mom

Its impossible to get a picture of them both looking!

But this one is so much better!

Playing on the slide

Of course we can't just use the slide

These two are so silly

Olivia with my dad

Birthday girl!

Getting her cupcake

She played with the frosting a lot!

And got it in her face!

So precious!

Me and Olivia