Friday, September 6, 2013

Olivia's First Birthday

We celebrated Olivia's birthday last weekend, its hard to believe she is 1!  She was such a good girl and everyone loved watching her open her gifts and eat her cupcake.


Some decorations

With GiGi

Smiley girl

The group

Olivia with my sister

Emma and Josh

Olivia with my mom

Its impossible to get a picture of them both looking!

But this one is so much better!

Playing on the slide

Of course we can't just use the slide

These two are so silly

Olivia with my dad

Birthday girl!

Getting her cupcake

She played with the frosting a lot!

And got it in her face!

So precious!

Me and Olivia


The Lane Family said...

hold seems like just yesterday that you posted the kids had a new cousin and now she is a year old...time flies!! IT does look like the kids had a great time!!