Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pumpkin and Apple Picking

We took Emma and Josh to get pumpkins and pick out apples. It was a beautiful day but unfortunately, Emma and Josh were still struggling with a cough/cold so they were pretty whiny and tired most of the time. They did enjoy picking a few apples and they had fun in the bounce house that was at the orchard so we still had some fun!

Checking out the pumpkins

Emma on a pumpkin

Josh (and I don't know whats with that face!)



Already looking bored

Walking through the orchard

Me and Emma

Me and Josh (can you see us?!)

With some of our apples

Josh picking some apples

She is so cute

Walking with Dan in the orchard

Trying so hard to reach the apples

Of course they wanted to climb the ladder

Couldn't get them both to smile...

...until they looked at one another!

Yep. Sick and tired!

We also went on a hayride but this is the only picture we got!

Birthday Party

Emma and Josh were invited to a birthday party and they had a good time. They had "Outback Ray" at the party and he brings a bunch of different animals for the kids to pet and interact with. Emma was adventurous and touched almost all of them but Josh was a bit more hesitant.

Outback Ray talking to the kids

Emma and Josh petting some sort of animal

The grand finale- a giant snake!

Emma's face is priceless!

Holding up the snake

All the kids