Friday, November 15, 2013


Halloween wasn't too exciting at our house. The actual night of trick or treat, it was rainy and cold so we decided not to actually go out. Luckily, we had my family come over the Sunday before so they got to see the kids dressed up. Since we didn't go out trick or treating, I hid candy around the house for Emma and Josh to find- they had a blast doing that!
Josh, Olivia and Emma

Spiderman, an Elephant and a really annoyed Carebear (she did not like her costume)

Yep, super annoyed (although she did like the costume when she tried it on before)

Josh loved Olivia's trunk...

...but Olivia didn't like being messed with!

Cutest elephant ever!

Olivia getting candy from my grandma

and Josh getting candy from my mom

The kids checking out their stuff

Olivia is so close to walking!

Josh and Olivia


The Lane Family said...

Awesome costumes!! With Olivia I guess it is a girls prerogative to change her mind..regardless the costumes are great!!