Monday, November 25, 2013


Yeah, still behind. Trying to catch up...

Emma and Josh with their mini pumpkins



How they are 99% of the time

Yep, like this

Probably my most favorite picture. ever.


They refused to help me clean out the pumpkins
But they loved to watch!

Dan actually drilled some of our pumpkins

Emma loved to watch

Josh couldn't believe all of the seeds!

Emma with our pumpkins

Dan did a pretty good job!

On the front step

Standing with our pumpkins

And in a minute we went from this... this.  Yep, love my kids!


Krisy said...

So glad you posted that last picture, i was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with my kids that they find it hysterical to pull their pants down! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Lane Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I LOVE the pictures..the kids smiles and silly faces and their cute pumpkins with the high tech tools :)

The last picture of Josh is so funny...I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who has kids who LOVE to come up with activities that so like mooning!!