Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4th Birthday

We celebrated Emma and Josh's 4th Birthday this past weekend. Yes, they are FOUR! I can barely believe it.

Emma continues to be an independent little girl. She likes to do everything for herself. She gets frustrated if she can't figure something out. She tries over and over until she does get it right. She is funny. She is sweet. She loves her Lucy doll and sucking her thumb. She is good at writing her name and loves to color. She is spunky and goofy and incredibly beautiful. We took her to the doctor and she is 43 inches tall and 35 lbs.

Josh is crazy and wild. He has started to try to wrestle with everyone but he also is the first one to come cuddle with me in the morning. He is smart and asks a lot of questions. He remembers everything. He knows how to write and draw but he prefers to smash trucks together. Or play Zombies on the iPod. He is handsome and loving. At the doctor, he was 44 1/2 inches and 38 lbs.

Emma and Josh had fun at their party, here are some pictures from the day
Emma, Josh and Olivia


Playing on the iPad with Nana and Papa

Standing with their presents

My mom and Olivia

Uncle Kevin, Aunt Bryony and the kids

Brother and sister

Opening gifts

and more gifts!

My sister and Olivia

The group!

Emma, hugging my grandma

My parents, Josh and one of his new gifts

Me and Emma and one of her new Barbies

Before the cake

Making a wish

Blowing out the candles

All these people put together ONE toy




The Lane Family said...

Shannon I just cannot believe that these guys are 4...I remember when you made the announcement that they had been born and your niece is growing so fast as well!! Happy Birthday to both of them!!

Krisy said...

Happy birthday, birthday buddies!! I actually updated the blog if you want to check it out!