Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas Day. Josh got up at 7 but then stayed in our bed until we woke Emma up at 8. The kids were so excited to see if Santa came and raced down the hall to check out the presents. We relaxed all morning and then went to my parents' house in the early afternoon to open more presents and eat a delicious meal. The coolest part was that Emma and Josh both understand that although presents are great (And Josh asked me a million times if he could open more!) the greatest gift of Christmas is Jesus. It's nice that they are starting to understand!
Our tree

Josh coming down the hall

Waiting at the end of the hall

Emma coming down the hall

Checking to make sure Santa at the cookies

The kids before the opened gifts


Emma and a new Barbie

Josh and his "Zombie" pants

The aftermath

This is what happens when I ask for a picture

Eventually I get this

Or this

Stockings hung at my parents house

Josh opening his stocking

Dan helping Emma

Olivia opening one of her gifts from us

Emma putting her new cat on the presents

Yep, one of the only pics with me and the kids

My grandma and Josh

More cousins!


Kismet21 said...

Merry Christmas! They are so big!